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Hello!I'm Maria

Hello there! I'm Maria, owner and photographer of Barely Blush. I'm not just a family photographer – I'm a mama, a memory enthusiast, and a firm believer in the magic of preserving life's precious moments.

As a mom of three amazing kids, I've learned that time truly does fly by. It feels like just yesterday that my children were taking their first steps, and now they're already creating their own unique paths in the world. 

Photography found its way into my heart as a way to freeze time, capturing the genuine laughter, the candid glances, and the raw emotions that make our lives so beautifully imperfect. I've come to believe that photography is about more than just capturing images. It's about telling stories, encapsulating emotions, and preserving the chapters of our lives that are so worth remembering. Whether it's a child's first birthday, a cozy family picnic, or simply an afternoon spent playing together, these are the moments that shape our journey.

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