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Preserving your Legacy: Investing in your Memories 

Investing in fine art family photography goes beyond just capturing images; it's about preserving cherished moments and creating a tangible legacy that can be passed down through generations. It freezes fleeting moments and genuine interactions, allowing you to relive those emotions for years to come.


Over time, the value of fine art family photography can appreciate, not just monetarily, but also sentimentally. The toes will never be as tiny again and little hands will slowly no longer need holding. As time goes on, the images become a more significant part of your family's history.


An investment with Barely Blush Photography allows us to bring artistic vision, technical skills, and creative expertise to every session. The resulting images are carefully composed, lit, and edited to create stunning visual masterpieces. These images tell a unique story that is authentically yours.

A 1.jpg
Starting at $600
C 1-8 (1).jpg
Starting at $550
C 1-10.jpg
Starting at $600
S 1 n74.jpg
Starting at $300/hr

What your SessionIncludes

  • Use of Vaughan Studio Location 

  • Family and Sibling Photos included in each session

  • Fashion and Posing Guidance 

  • In Studio Newborn session include

        outfit and wraps for baby

A 1-39.jpg
S 1-31.jpg


Barely Blush is a Toronto Area Photographer that specializes Newborn, Family and Event Photography. 

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